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Designed with business in mind, NATCOM Managed Fibre Solutions provide all the essential services required for business to remain competitive.

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Managed and fixed-cost connectivity between offices or to the Internet operating in and between main centres in New Zealand.

NATCOM’s Managed Fibre solutions provide

With speeds from 1 up to 1,000 Mbps, use NATCOM Fibre Ethernet for LAN, WAN and high-speed Internet Access.


Managed Fibre Ethernet

boxManaged connecitivty to the Internet and between offices at speeds from 1 - 1,000 Mbps.

Network Technology

networkInternational standards and the latest in fibre technology.

Network Location

locationFibre Ethernet network locations.

Operations Support

supportNetwork management, monitoring and support.

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Find out how OneSERVICE™ increases business performance, reduces cost and simplifies business Internet.

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Did you know?

questionNATCOM OneSERVICE™ could save you more than 80% on the cost of your current Internet.

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MORE Value

OneSERVICE™ provides greater value by including more than ordinary Internet services.

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NATCOM Solutions

are all about business.  We are specialists in Managed Internet with Unlimited Use and security services for business.

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