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The NATCOM Story

Founded in 2004 as a network owner and operator, NATCOM evolved into the enterprise telecoms space, delivering NZ's first commercial WiMAX network in Auckland under the brand AIRthernet, and as a foundation service partner of IPSTAR, provided NATSAT satellite services for rural business and multimedia broadcasting, filling the large gap where broadband services were unavailable in NZ.

One of NATCOM's early commercial successes was the development of FIVO, NZ's largest and only true nationwide commercial Wi-Fi network operator.  In 2007, NATCOM won the rights to operate and manage the Telecom wireless hotspot network, then completed a successful sale of the FIVO business to NZX-listed company SmartPay Limited (NZX: SPY), making NATCOM a significant shareholder in the publicly-listed business.

Today, NATCOM is a provider of Fibre Internet and Internet-Security services with its core offering being managed enterprise data via fibre optic networks, providing very high symmetrical speeds, high quality of service, unlimited use and security.  NATCOM markets its business services under the OneSERVICE™ brand.  NATCOM continues to provide WiMAX services in Auckland City and offers premium satellite bandwidth services to rural enterprise.

As NATCOM grows its business in New Zealand through the creative use of Internet-based technologies, it plans to release suites of products and services that leverage the quality of its fibre network services to improve business efficiency and reduce enterprise communications costs.

NATCOM is pursuing international opportunities to take advantage of the significant intellectual-property assets it possesses via its extended network of international relationships, particularly in Wi-Fi, Internet security and content filtering systems.


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