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consultNATCOM has significant intellectual-property in Wi-Fi, mobile telecommunications systems and network security.

Our people have years of success in delivering solutions and providing services to a wide range of international organisations.  See more about our people

  • Complete Wi-Fi operating systems, incorporating network security and content filtering for national Wi-Fi networks, with customised setups and service branding.

  • Wi-Fi systems customised for use in parallel with 3G mobile networks for mobile cellular network operators.  Routing bandwidth-hungry domestic data applications via cost-effective network alternatives with intelligent Wi-Fi services.

  • Wi-Fi for emerging markets.  Tailored to fit with telecommunications network providers and current Public Call Office (PCO) channels, and as an extension to WiMAX networks.

  • Firewall security.  For commercial networks and mass deployment applications.

  • Content Filtering systems.  For filtering content appropriate to the service application.

  • Mobile solutions for emerging markets.


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