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NATCOM lights up New Zealand business

There’s a lot of discussion going on in New Zealand right now around the government’s investment plan for fibre optic networks in New Zealand.  The plan is to reach 75% of New Zealander’s within 10 years, starting with schools, businesses and hospitals. 

NATCOM last week participated in the “Fibre to the Home Council Asia Pacific” meeting in Auckland – see NZ Herald report here.  Our interest is to ensure that our country continues to invest in the fibre networks we need, in the most efficient way.  We intend to support the local fibre companies (LFCs) throughout the country, by continuing to develop innovative services that will improve business by leveraging these new networks.

To date, NATCOM has been lighting up businesses throughout New Zealand, particularly in the metropolitan locations from Whangarei to Queenstown.  Utilising fibre networks with abundant capacity, we’ve been connecting multi-office networks throughout the country and achieving major cost savings when looking at data usage alone.  NATCOM’s OneSERVICE™ Fibre Internet solutions include all services a business will need for Internet, including unlimited national and international data.


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