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Our People

peopleWe have selected our team from all over the world, to bring the most professional and up to date products and services to our clients.  First and foremost we value the ability of our people to build lasting relationships with our clients and business partners, and to work together to build tangible improvements to their respective operations.  Our intellectual property is among the most advanced in the industry, all thanks to the great minds working to ever improve NATCOM services.



Our Management Team


Frayne Cooke

Frayne Cooke, Managing Director


Steve Smith

Steve Smith, Chief Commercial Officer

Frayne co-founded NATCOM in 2004 and has led the company since, guiding it through the development of its commercial WiMAX and national satellite services and the 3-year development and successful sale in 2008 of FIVO, New Zealand's largest commercial Wi-Fi network operator.  Frayne has held senior management positions and investments in various technology enterprises in Australasia and has a BE.hons degree in Mechanical & Electronics engineering with post-graduate business administration. Over the past twenty years, Steve has launched more than a dozen very successful and well known telecommunications businesses in New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Steve co-founded mobile industry companies such as Cellular One, Digital Mobile, Cellect, and has held chief-level senior management positions with international mobile operators such as Verizon, Inquam and Roshan.  Steve’s return to New Zealand was precipitated by the opportunity to work with the NATCOM team.  Steve leads NATCOM’s international initiatives and is currently based in the Maldives.

Tobias Gerschner

Tobias Gerschner, General Manager Technology

Rodney Prescott

Rodney Prescott, Director

Tobias joined NATCOM in 2006 and has led the development of NATCOM's technical systems including the core engineering of the FIVO Wi-Fi system and SLAM Firewall.  A German expat, Tobias honed his skills with the German Air Force and as a true technology enthusiast, maintains close ties to New Zealand's Open Source community through his role as Lead Developer for a NZ-based Linux distribution. Rodney co-founded NATCOM in 2004 and led the technical team in the design of its commercial WiMAX network, national satellite services and the FIVO Wi-Fi network.  Rodney gained his technical excellence with the NZ Navy and has supplied technology leadership globally for companies including Telecom NZ, Clear Communications, Virtual Spectator (America's Cup), MCMS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and ABN Amro. Rodney has a BBS degree in Information Systems.



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