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NATCOM Satellite Coverage

From Cape Rienga to Bluff including the Chatham Islands, NATCOM Satellite Broadband is available nationwide.

NATCOM Satellite consists of 3 spot beams providing 0.8Gbps of upload and download bandwidth to New Zealand. In addition to this, a broadcast beam delivers additional bandwidth for satellite based digital TV services.

To receive service, you must have a clear view of the sky to your West.  The view to the satellite is approximately 18 degrees up from the horizon.  A basic software tool is available from NATCOM to help you determine this.  See the side bar to download a copy of this tool.

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Can you see the satellite?

To estimate if you can see the satellite from your place, you need to be able to see clear sky to the West, at around 18 degrees up from the horizon.

Click here to download a tool in Microsoft Excel that helps you estimate if you can see above a hill or other obstruction that might be blocking your Western view of the sky.