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Hardware and Installation

To receive NATCOM Satellite Broadband requires the installation of an optimised 84cm satellite dish and a high performance satellite modem.


NATCOM Satellite Equipment - $2490*

satmodemSatellite Modem

dish84cm Satellite Dish

* RRP, excludes GST, subject to NATCOM service terms and conditions.


SATELLITE Installation - from $499^

Installation of the NATCOM Satellite Equipment is performed by a qualified installation technician. The standard installation charge includes all work and materials required to commission the satellite dish and modem including a single Ethernet cable to the PC/Router. Any work required to reconfigure or connect a network is separate and chargeable if carried out by the NATCOM technician, or you can arrange your own on-site network support.

^ Standard installation charge excludes travel costs, normally charged at $1/km return. Travel distances vary depending on the installation location. NATCOM can quote an installation charge prior to installation.

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Can you see the satellite?

To estimate if you can see the satellite from your place, you need to be able to see clear sky to the West, at around 18 degrees up from the horizon.

Click here to download a tool in Microsoft Excel that helps you estimate if you can see above a hill or other obstruction that might be blocking your Western view of the sky.